We are talking polka dots and Bobby today: Meet Mrs. Bobby Kohli, the “Be You” Project part: 3

The 70’s were a magical period, an amalgamation of new and unidentified definitions of love, ways of living and unique trademarks in fashion. Yes, it was a decade that established trend setting statements, going overboard in styling, with much experimentation happening outside the comfort zone of people, those days. They were Bollywood’s most remarkable and […]

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Time and Spaces

Hello my Beautiful Trotters, Hope you are all having a wonderful and inspiring time. I have been extremely busy as usual and so bogged down with never ending tabs open in my head that I can hardly concentrate on anything these days. I always return back to this space, to feel lighter and less overwhelmed, […]

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Dogs make great models

Hello my fellow Trotters!! A very very Happy New year. Yes, I do wish for the best this particular year, it’s the beginning and am certainly full of aspirations. Great health, fab work and lots of fun, that could sum up for my resolution list this year, ofcourse there is a lot more to it. […]

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That Weekend!

Hello Trotters! As promised, I have been a little more active than I used to be through my blog. Something from within is constantly motivating me, it’s true, when you feel good, you attract everything good. Last week I launched my new segment on the blog called ‘Everyday Quirk’. Documenting people everyday for Everyday Quirk […]

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Everyday Quirk!

Hello Trotters, I know I have been absent for the longest time. Shifting jobs, finding a new place and daily errands have kept me unusually busy all this while. To start with, I would like to admit that am really enjoying my new job as a Fashion Stylist with Myntra.Com in Bangalore, India. We have […]

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