Cosmic Connections

unstoppable                                                   “To get anything into perspective, all one needs to do is to get started”

Well, hello Web Wizards!

Today is my official entry into the enthusiastic and spirited world of  “The Blogosphere”(a space governed by generation of thinkers, who believe in no right or wrong, but only live to express). Well this is my very first post and I have to share that it’s been almost two years since an idea of starting a blog had first struck my mind, but thanks to an unfortunate series of procrastinations led by absolutely nothing but laziness, am here, doing the same, exactly TWO YEARS LATER!

I would like to call myself a “Weboholic” and by that I don’t mean that my life is solely governed by online shopping, trend reports or celebrity spotting, I am just truly enthusiastic about what people all over the world have to share, be it their thoughts, inspirations or beautiful pictures.

Best part about being a part of this “Blogging Community” is that even though there is a possibility of being judged by millions of people, there is always a benefit of being understood. An understanding as to how this space is all about self expression, with which  many can relate and connect.

Talking a little about my blog, it simply defines the “Constant State Of My Mind”. Not being much of a trends person, my inclination is more towards personal style and a quirk that defines each individual. By a quirk, i mean the special element that characterizes each one of us, individually. Like how Alexa Chung is recognized by her “Ombre Dyed” hair, an element that simply blends in with her personality, helping people identify with the same.

With this blog of mine, i come with a purpose to meet very interesting people, identify the special quirk and style them, with a storyline that will simply define their individualistic attributes. Apart from this, i also aim to capture the quirk, that makes up our surroundings, it could be hidden anywhere, so here i am, starting my “chase game.

A big Hello to everyone from the “QuirkedTrotter”-Yes that’s me!

Let’s get started:)


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