Your “It Boy”-QuirkedTrotter’s first encounter!

DSC_8005A captivating smile, fun loving gestures and an enigmatic appeal
accompanied by a boyish charm that every girl has grown up dreaming
of, almost makes up for the ingredients of our very own “It Boy”.

Well Ladies and Gentlemen, say Hello to Mr.Rohit Menon!

The description above fairly sums up for what each person would
perceive of this appealing personality, but Hey! Today the
QuirkedTrotter is going to share the real recipe that makes this
boy, who he really is.

Everyday we share glances with few known and unknown faces, some
leave us with a smile, some keep us thinking and well some just fade
away. An attribute created out of a set of unique characteristics which
in my language is defined as a “Quirk”,  is what I feel,  makes a person,
truly memorable and who better than this boy, can describe that?:)
Forever smiling, Rohit is definitely the best company to be with, even
if you are meeting him for the first time. Unlike usual egoistic brats,
his friendly, casual and comfortable emanation is really refreshing.
As I mentioned in my earlier post that my aim through this blog is to
meet interesting people, visit unique places, spot peculiar things and
basically continue this Quirky journey, expressing my love for anything
but “The Regular”.

So with that I can explain my purpose behind meeting Rohit and shooting
him, after understanding his “Quirks”. As elaborated earlier, this
boy definitely has “The Looks”, but for being that intriguing, there has
to be something much more than that right?











1) Deep conversations with strangers, often leave a smile behind 2) What can be better than being effortlessly well dressed and always ready to pose?;) 3) Style is everywhere, even in the way you walk! 4) Yes, intimidating men is an everyday story 5) Few minutes of silence while trespassing often make up for a few memories..

Mr.Menon’s Quirk list would give you all a better idea about what am really talking about:)

Do enjoy reading :D, here it follows:-
1)As most of you must and would categorize him as an Actor and Model material,
this boy’s dream is to learn Music, Sound Engineering and develop his own Tunes.
2)Ok Girls, if any of you happen to be his ‘Dreamgirl’, then get ready to be flattered
on frequent ocassions, as this Hidden Poet and Songwriter will keep your soul alive!;)
3)Hmm..well the pointers above, might just make you perceive him as the quiet, artistic
kinds..but Well, the story doesn’t end there. Planning to go for an evening out? Then you
surely have company..Yes, the boy loves to Dance and his Hip Hop moves and Handstands can leave you surprised.
4)Enough of talking about his good qualities and jazz, we don’t have a matrimony site running here right? So, now comes the best part. If you have unknown girls or boys calling you, planning out random dates, but never leaving a sign of their existence..then.. *Tring* *Tring*, you know who is troubling you??:D
So, this, in brief is our It Boy’s Quirk list, Quirky enough?;):D, though I can still write more, but let’s leave that for some other time.

Talking about the pictures, I have tried to depict a styling story here, showcasing Rohit as a traveler who has an effortless edge of putting unconventional combinations together and carrying them off with much ease.Explaining the styling of this shoot, all I have to say is that it represents a few sides of this fun, eccentric and charming Boy, a little oldschool yet pacing up with cutting edge prints , further balanced with solid color tones and hard to miss accessories. Also, unlike most of our stereotypicals, Rohit’s personal sense of style is extremely bizzare and we have the “Electric Blue Pants”, talking about the same!

6) Art, is perhaps the best company during a journey!


With this, I would conclude a part of my very first encounter with Mr.Rohit Menon, but Hey! It doesn’t end here, I will be talking about the Quirky Mind behind the Lens, in my next post, so do remain in loop!

Till then, Cheers!!
Remain Quirky, Remain Unique and Remain Happy!
Your QuirkedTrotter:)

Photography Credits: Govind Krishnan Photography

Sourcing Credits: Srijan Jha

Location Courtesy: Biere Club, U.B City, Bangalore, India


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