Wake up to an empty canvas. Paint the sky your favourite colour. Live it like your last.

419189_568091043209967_1620597442_nA big hello to everyone from the QuirkedTrotter! As I had mentioned in my last post that the next line up would be about our magic man behind the lens for “Your It Boy”, so here I am, ruminating and contemplating hard, trying to set an interesting frame to describe Govind Krishnan, a photographer, writer and dreamer, who only speaks through his pictures.

This one is no easy task for me, for some people are easy to get; while some keep you guessing and well he belongs to the latter half. My first encounter with Govind was during “Your It Boy’s” shoot,  when juggling within the whole “Swedish House Mafia” fiasco that the city was roaring of, we managed to complete our first successful shoot.

Yes, we belong to an age, where being creative is almost a default option. With majority of people boasting of  being self proclaimed artists, photographers, stylists, designers, musicians and likes, defying a unique sensibility can be pretty consuming. After having said that, i would now like to press the refresh button and introduce you all to Govind Krishnan , the soul, heart and mind behind Govind Krishnan Photography.

As  mentioned earlier, I have an aversion towards everything typical and yes I stole than line from my much coveted Lady Gaga, a story of obsession, that  shall be recited sometime later. So, that very aversion brings me to this post…a post about a Photographer who lives by the quote, describing his very own click placed above. Yes, he lives within no fixed boundaries, not of wildlife, fashion, lifestyle or travel. Believing in life being an empty canvas , he uses his lens as an armor and puts focus on everything that goes unseen by a usual and everyday eye and that’s what makes his style, outlook and photography, truly Quirky!

Defining his style, all I have to say is that Govind’s true ability lies in giving an interesting character to every living and non living media portrayed in his pictures. His work is all about capturing moments, emotions and reciting them through a unique storyline, which can often leave you with an overwhelming yet peaceful neutrality. He is not much about words but his work truly speaks for him, so scroll down and have a look at his landscape of eclectic captures.


Having no shoe was gold, since upon the street, I met a man who had no feet

64663_518804101471995_514813763_n     No wife of an artist ever understands that he is at work when he stares out the window

426577_559957354023336_2694473_n                                Watching the only opera he can afford

487315_546754285343643_1226924090_n     Move On

179223_568311196521285_136275661_n                         Sometimes when everything is going just right, tilt your head back and laugh at the sky

A complete treat to the eyes, don’t you all agree?:)

So what makes Govind a Quirky Personality? Here goes his Quirk List:

1) Going through a sleeping disorder? Well no need to worry, creative people live in different Time Zones and yes Govind is the best explanation for that, his alarm clock buzzes only at 4 P.M😉

2) You might come across many Photographers, but one desirable attribute possessed by Govind, is his patience, so if you are an aspiring photographer, you now know whom to *Tring* for some tutorials!

3) Must have heard of many Obsessive Compulsive Disorders, but trust me, my heart genuinely skipped a beat, when I heard of Govind’s. This boy can brush Only If he is leaning on one foot against the wall..and I thought, that was just a *Princess Diaries* thing:P

4) Punctuality is a quality most of us are extremely proud, rather boastful of. I got a Quirk Jerk when Govind told me about him being a  last minute person and how the thrill of making it in time excites him:)

5)A complete trotter, by mindset, Govind’s aim is to travel every nook of the world alongwith his camera and hence has no dream shoot as such.

6) When asked about his love interests, food and vehicles, scored highest on his hit list. Yes, he is such an immense Foodie, that eating everything displayed on the menu, wouldn’t require second thoughts and an obsession for Vehicles, makes him “The Famous Rash Driver”.

With that I have on display, yet another set of pictures, clicked by Govind and these in particular, define the Quirks that he is made up of!


That’s the background I have for Govind, Our Magic Man Behind The Lens, who lives every minute, being involved with his life, showcasing his love, emotions, aspirations, whimsies and goals, through a defined collage, assembled within his pictures and this very attitude, can be equally inspiring, encouraging and promoting, for all of us who believe in the spirit of individualism and peculiarity associated with our being.

For more soul food, check out Govind’s page here: http://www.facebook.com/GovindKrishnan.Photos

With that, The QuirkedTrotter bids a Goodbye for now!

Have a great week

Remain Quirky, Remain Unique and Remain Happy!


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