Street Style Shillong: a story of deconstruction, inspired from Quirkedtrotter’s favorite hills!

Hello my fellows from the Trotting Sphere!

Finally your Quirkedtrotter is out of her spaced out zone, which is an all time favorite btw!  Have you all ever considered taking a break from everything surrounding us, the same old places, people, stores, talks, notions and ideologies? Well, with little experience of that, I can very well confirm, that if the hunt for inner peace has been on in your mind and is doing nothing but creating disturbance, then spacing out temporarily can really do you good.

A phase as such teaches one the most basic things, which tend to get ignored, thanks to our “Busy Lives”. Lets not even blame the high speeding frequency of our lives, everything starts with a small initiative and being little brave as well as fearless. For once, take a deep breath, forget anything and everything and solely focus on your own self. The ones reading this post , must be wondering, where exactly am I going right? As I write more and with time, it will be much easier for me to give an explanation of such  random narrations, for now I just want you all to know that this is how your Quirkedtrotter seeks inspiration.

It always starts with a thought, which eventually turns into a story and as I am no writer, depicting these stories, through styling diaries, forms the basis of what goes on in my head. So today, am not going to write about any person or the Quirks he/she possesses, this post is solely dedicated to a childhood love that once developed and remained within me forever, for my very favorite city Shillong.

I must be around 12 year old when I first visited the capital of Meghalaya,  Shillong. Surrounded within an aura of musical notes, hard to resist flavors and an original  street style accompanied by whimsies of beautiful nature, that this city is gifted with, I must have felt love for the first time and since then it only kept growing. I was thoroughly inspired and acquired an understanding of street style at a very young age, thanks to this visit.

Like most of us have a fantastic  imagery of what we have loved the most during our childhood, my trips to Shillong define those beautiful stances developed within myself, during early years of my creative derivations. So, after years when I was finally in a position to work on a project that had to be prepared solely out of my choices and interests, a Shillong inspiration had to happen.

While brainstorming, I started with questioning myself; what exactly heartens me so much about this city? The people? Places? Beauty? And then came the right noun…it’s nothing but “The Spirit”, a spirit so fresh, so original and so energetic balanced rightly with an old worldly charm. With that, started the whole style and story and mood boarding which resulted in the pictures below.

So, think about two girls, who decide to travel and unveil an all new journey that brings them to unfolded sides of themselves. They drift around, experiment with beautiful Khasi(traditional tribes and residents of Meghalaya) drapes and form a Khasi Inspired Wardrobe, deconstructing it, in their own fashion. Scroll down to view a picture depiction of this story and read further for some technical and quirky details of this beautiful city.


Yes, two girls, Khasi drapes and an inspiration from the streets of Meghalaya, that’s the background and styling story for Street Style Shillong! There can be a million versions of these, but while styling this project, Function formed a major part, so it had to be wearable. Hence, I came up with the three basics that form a girl’s wardrobe: A Jacket, Skirt and Dress.

The first look has it’s focus mainly on day wear and yes this is for slightly warmer climate, think fresh autumn skies! So while one girl has been styled in a typical Khasi shawl  Skirt drape, the other has been dressed in a smart deconstructed Jacket. For the evening look, an amalgamation of slight glamour has been juxtaposed with comfort and functionality, resulting into a shimmery skirt and structured dress as the two looks. For both day and evening wear, statement accessories play the major role, adding an extra and much required edge! Best part about all the looks? None of them require any stitching and have been held together with maximum three safety pins which hold them with much comfort.

So, with that I would like to bid a goodbye for now, but wait, read what makes Shillong Truly Quirky before.

Here it goes:

1) For all you feminists, the Khasi culture, is what you need to give your wishlists a break and experience them for real. With a society dominated by women, the Khasi law states that in a family  the property and children are inherited by the mother and not the father. Pretty kicked, aren’t you? 😉

2) Every household in Shillong has an inborn musician and unlike any other city, sparing it’s northeastern sisters, music  defines the weather forecast here.

3) A shopkeeper in Shillong once mentioned: “People of Shillong can Live Without food, but they Live In branded jeans”.

 The Quirkedtrotter, shall now end her yapping session, to save some for  many more to come. So all the travel planners, give your vacation plans, a Shillong Break this summer, revive within the fresh breeze, drape yourself like a Khasi Pro, drink  hot cups of tea on a hill top and well remember me for this great idea 😉

Till then

Remain Quirky, Remain Unique and Remain Happy!


Photography: Aditya Akash

Styling: Quirkedtrotter

Models: Ethna Ghosh, Aakriti Rana


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