“Most Koreans are very Stylish, except me”- A style meet with Yuran Savina Lee!

Hello Fellows, a big HI from the Quirkedtrotter!
Yes, it has been weeks since I even saw wordpress’s face, alot has been missed maybe, but well, as a usual believer of an unhurried sense of time, busy days accompanied by various stories that every nook and corner of my present city has to share, have kept me going, spirited and alive all this while.

While most of the youngsters these days complain about having a lack of commitment in their life, I have come to a realization, that maybe, as humans, we are not meant to commit at all, we are here to develop connections, that bond most of us, evolving our soul essentially and directing us towards paths, that each one of us are to take; eventually. Just a thought.

As I have mentioned in earlier posts, my mind is nothing but a sphere flooded with trotting thoughts which are mostly associated to people and their style. By style, I don’t mean how a person dresses and the usual attributes attached to its commercial aspect. My definition of style has always been related to how each one of us identifies with it, something that’s essentially a part us, our way of living, celebrating our individuality.
Today through my blog, I am going to introduce you to a very Quirky Personality, who has made an intriguing effect on me, ever since I first met her, Un Yong ( a way of greeting in Korea) Yuran Savina Lee, yes, that’s her!

Fascinated about Korea, as I always have been, owing to a couple of years spent in watching those lovely and whimsical Korean films, I wanted to know how life, in that country really is. When I came to know that Yuran was to leave for Korea, disappointment stroked, as I was looking forward to shoot with her, in order to learn more about her personal style, life in her country and how India has influenced her overall, further. But giving up is never an option in Quirkedtrotter's life book, so I thought, why not utilize social media for once and have a conversation through mails, for a change.
We had a lovely conversation and her replies raised bars instantly on the Quirk Meter. Scroll down, to go through a beautiful imagery of Yuran Savina Lee's lifestyle, which includes a runthrough of her Quirky apparel, leisure time with food and cooking and well..just make an effort, scroll down and get to know for your own. The idea of this post in particular is for you all to actually take out sometime, look at the pictures and form your own storyline through individualistic perceptions.









IMG_0889 (1)







20130221_162857 복사



The pictures above, depict Yuran’s lifestyle pictorially, as you can see, her life is a mix of travel, art, fashion, food, with no compromising on fun.
So now comes my favorite bit; what makes Yuran truly Quirky? Yes she is really beautiful, naturally stylish and an extremely humble person, but she has her own Quirky side and the Quirkedtrotter loves her for that! In an attempt to know her better,here are a few questions I bombarded her with:
Quirkedtrotter:How is life in India, far way from home?
Yuran:I loved India.. living life is little tough for foreigners but traveling was so nice.. India is colorful.. I have never been to a desert, I really want to go there sooner or later.
Quirkedtrotter: You are such a good cook, tell me about your favorite cuisine..
Yuran: I like Korean food of course I’m Korean.. and Indian (butter naan?naan? butter chicken,chai), Italian… !
Quirkedtrotter: Tell me about your personal style..
Yuran: My style..? I lost my style lol ..I don’t know .. mix and match ? I guess…haha ..I like to wear striped t-shirt tucked in jeans…with little girlish flat shoes.
I like ZARA!,forever21,code all combined.. !
Quirkedtrotter: How’s the fashion scene in Korea?
Yuran: Most Koreans they are so fashionable.. except me !
They always follow trend..
let me show you website.. you can see Korean street fashion
Quirkedtrotter: Why are you leaving for Korea?
Yuran: I decided to join fine art college.. I think this is my way.So I am very excited about it. I hope we keep in touch even when I am in Korea!

After exchanging these fun questions with her, I came to a realization that even though Yuran feels that she has lost her style, she is one of the few who have it intact, as she doesn’t follow trends, has a unique sense of her own and that’s what makes her stand out amongst the rest. Genuinely artistic by nature, loves travelling, observes intrinsic details about her surroundings and now on her way to explore her talent in Fine Art, Yuran is surely going to be the next big thing soon. The Quirkedtrotter wishes her all the best for that:)
So with this I would like to conclude today’s post, before that I have to mention that am having a great time at this point of time in life. Solitude is a gift that all of us, should appreciate and celebrate with, as it brings us down to subconscious levels, which we are mostly unaware of, that’s where peace and happiness actually lies. Take some time off, observe, revive, read, write and spend some leisure time with your ownself, we all need it, sometimes.
Till next time
Remain Quirky, Remain Unique and Remain Happy!
Picture and Information Credits: Yuran Savina Lee.


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