On being a dreamy dreamy girl: Neha Singh

Hello fellow Trotters!!!

Beauty is everywhere. Never ending stories, coming as a part and parcel of beautiful encounters with new and interesting people, have made the Quirkedtrotter’s journey, worthwhile indeed. Inspiration is the soul food that each one of us should be fed with, for a life full of positive energy and oodles of wisdom.
Yes the Quirkedtrotter has been really inspiration driven off late. It’s mystic, how we experience certain situations, come across lovely souls and walk towards our individual paths, leading us to life changing experiences. Magic is an everyday happening, almost.
This is the state that has kept the Quirkedtrotter within me alive. A new realization that has developed inside my restless mind, is that, maybe, I don’t need to trot from place to place, in literal sense. All I need is an approach towards surroundings that are already existing all around because end of the day, its the resulting feeling that matters the most. Again, its just a thought and thoughts and phases don’t always last, except sometimes ofcourse.
Past few weeks just went off in a jiffy, but constant observation inclined towards everything Quirky, did not stop, nevertheless. It was last Saturday when I really sensed an urge to meet someone interesting, get out of my little room, click, make captivating conversations and basically just initiate a change, that my life at that point of time, desperately required. Going out was not the best idea on a lazy day of that kind, so then struck an idea and immediate ideation happened.
So now, after this nice and long session of chattering, I would like to introduce you all to Neha Singh, a girl with an intriguing visual identity and an equally evoking Quirky personality, a real and true individual of her own kind, yes, that’s her. The storyboard behind an ideating Saturday, was simply compromised of meeting this charming girl and getting a sneak peek into little details that make her, the uniqueness she is.


Just scroll down, to get a quick insider of this desirable girl’s life, a life inclusive of an amusing, delightful and enchanting storyline, the director of which, are her very own heart and mind.

iojo NewYork dreamer~Style luster

'plk[ Accessory Lover

[pip ~Hazy vision, clear destination~

gd ~A complete madness package~

oi[kpp[k]p A few beauty rules, maybe?

p[kp[ ~Leading from the front, has been the only learning indeed~

;jo ~A bit of Bali hoarding~

oip]p] Dubai.Bali.Bangkok.What next?;)


On being Neha Singh

Being a merchandiser by profession, Neha is an immense and obsessive fashion freak, die hard traveler and passionate learner. She’s starting off her own blog very soon, so stay tuned for the same. What makes her rise high on the Quirked meter, is her ability to be so unusually striking yet grounded, an image accompanied by an idea, so effortless. She has maintained an exclusivity, that nobody can borrow from her and hence she gets to be the choice
of the blog, this time around.

This is the first part of this post, second half of which shall be continued in the next one.
Till then, keep Trotting.
Remain Quirky, Remain Unique and Remain Happy!


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