What makes a strong female character? Welcome to the “Be You” project.

It all started one fine day, when I was sitting and chatting endlessly with my Mom and ofcourse a topic on fashion and style had to be touched. She smiled and shared her college time style diaries with me..pallazos, high waisted pants, fringed hairstyles..was I looking at my own Mom?

With that started a long, very long thought process. Bestfriends, their mothers, friends, their mothers..mothers..women, strong women..a series of questions started cropping up in my head. How did my mom look when she was young? How did my aunts dress during their college days? Why are they so lost now? Where is the spirit..the zeal? The answers to which were not very easy or hard to find.

Those very days a huge interest revolving around personal style had developed within me and hence the dots started connecting..Women.Personal Style.Strong Female Characters.Originality . It was also that time when I was working very hard on conceptualizing a topic for my Degree Project. So, with all that mind mapping, I decided on working out a project on personal styling for three real life housewives and it was called “Stylish Housewives” ; as a part of which, I met and styled three 40+ women, after understanding their style favorites, role models, family type, bodytype and various factors that influence their day to day dressing.
Now you all must be wondering what does the header on QuirkedTrotter this time even mean? Well I have to share that since childhood this question over “What makes a strong female character” has been stuck in my head, the conclusion to which, still hasn’t been derived; probably am still trying to frame that one. What I worked on “Stylish Housewives” then, definitely had to come on my blog in some way and hence am starting with the “Be You” series on my blog today, which aims at covering women of every age, women who never fail to celebrate and bring happiness to everyone’s lives, women who are soulful, women who are real and have achieved a relatable individuality owing to their years of experience on beauty, life and people.

The very first stunning lady I want to introduce today is a powerhouse of meaningful opinions, strict authority and a charm that never stops wooing people around her. She is stylish, elegant, a multitasker and can very easily create an insecurity attack amongst the most endearing ladies, even way younger than her. Sastriyakal ( a way of saying Hello and greeting in Punjab state of India) Mrs. Jasmeet Sehgal.

A sneak peak into Mrs.Sehgal’s individualistic and day to day life, alongwith a few wardrobe staples and favorites that helped me in understanding her style and taste better.

Cheerful, always on the go, an ardent learner and a stylish home maker, Mrs.Jasmeet Sehgal is a proud Mother of her two charming children, a responsible Wife and a smart Principle. What brings her on the blog today can be explained in alot of ways and that I will mention in her Quirk List later.
For now, take some time off and scroll down to view her visual life story, that depicts her evolution, from being a wife then, a mother later and a smart individual now.

Sehgal aunty
Moments: A cheerful Army Officer’s wife, first birth, absolute completeness, Saira Banu’s styling inspirations.

Knowing Mrs.Sehgal all these years has been a great experience for me and my growth, but when I met her during my project days, the details I learnt about her early life were extremely exciting and brought a big smile on my face. She shared her immense love for the Queen of Sixties-Saira Banu, the fitted churidars, side plats and the elegance and demure women carried themselves with in those times. When we spoke, she mentioned how she was never much comfortable in trousers and carried within her, a secret love for skirts.

So, with just these few pointers and keeping Mrs.Sehgal’s bodytype in mind, I did a styling story on her and shot her in three comfortable styles at her favorite location. Down goes the scroll of pictures which will indeed treat your eyes:
Sehgal 1
Styled in a crisp stick figure threaded khadi silk saree, for an afternoon lunch maybe?

Sehgal aunt
Comfortable cottons with hint of pale hues, for a casual get together

Sehgal gy
When so glamorous, who needs an occasion? Styled in a sleek A-Line skirt and satin purple blouse.

Even though, writing on her and about her can be none less than a thesis project for me, I would like to conclude this post by sharing Mrs.Jasmeet Sehgal’s Quirk List and that goes as follows:

1) Every woman has a fun side to her and Mrs.Jasmeet Sehgal proves that age simply has no bars. When her family is busy with their own activities, her old students keep
her busy by meeting her and taking her out for weekend eat outs, shopping sprees and chatting sessions. A teacher helps you grow in every possible way, Mrs. Sehgal’s love, support and faith in her students, has helped in delivering the most sincere youth working in various sectors of the society, always keeping her teachings in their minds.

2)She carries herself with a poise and elegance that most women in this generation would lack of. Be it the way she smoothly highlights her eyes or the way she gracefully carries herself in sky high stilettos, all you girls out there, might just need some lessons from here 😉

3)The most interesting Quirk that Mrs. Sehgal has lived all her life with is her ability to multitask all the roles revolving around her family, school life and other personal activities with much perfection. She is a real and true individual, with a sense of style which is truly original to her personality and is not influenced by what the trend reports say or the forecasters predict..because you know what? She is a trendsetter herself!

With that, The Quirkedtrotter would like to round off today’s post. The message of this “Be You” project towards all my readers is to remain and create their own original, live a stress free yet active life and always carry a cheerful aura no matter what, because that’s what makes a Strong Female Character 🙂

P.S: All the pictures of this project have been shoot by Kashish Bhatia under Kashish Bhatia Photography at Alankrita Resorts, Hyderabad and styled by your very own Quirkedtrotter.

So all you lovely people, keep Trotting.
Remain Quirky, Remain Unique, Remain Happy!


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