Women inspire me- The “Be You” project, part 2.

Hello my lovely trotting hearts,

Well, I have to admit, that tons of inspiration has been injected within my system off late, now that’s nothing new right? The thing about being inspired; is that each time, its a fresh emotion that ticks you to feel an all new vibe.
June and July have been extremely caught up yet thoughtful months, in your Quirkedtrotter’s journey, this year specially. This post is a continuation of the “Be You” project that I shared last month and has been pretty much on my mind all the time.

Writing is a truly liberating experience but can be extremely mind blocking in it’s moody phases and that’s what I have been experiencing of, a lot lately. But procrastination comes with its own pros and so happened this time, when instead of writing or posting, I decided to read and get my thoughts transparent after a period of brainstorming, so that I could be clear about what exactly I have been wanting to talk about. As explained in my last post, the aim of starting this “Be You” project on my blog is to define the individuality of real life women, our everyday heroes.

The June issue of Marie Clare, India, also its 7th anniversary issue, has been a real driving force and quite a reason behind, shifting my focus on strong, independent women. It very well depicts the meaning of Power in it’s surest form.
As explained by the magazine editor, Nina Haridas, Power is an ability to make a difference and bring about a change. Simple and crisp, isn’t it? Having shared that, today through my post I would like to share with you all, one of my most favorite inspirations of Power, Mrs.Rajpurohit.

Soothing, caring, attractively unaware of her natural beauty, Mrs.Rajpurohit is a proud Army Officer’s wife, mother of two beautiful daughters, a very successful gardener and a complete home maker, let’s get an insight into her wonderful life.

When I approached Mrs.Rajpurohit, last december for the “Stylish Housewives” project , she was quite amazed, a little confused, yet very excited and immediately agreed to be a part of it. Actions speak louder than words and no one else can explain it better than this charming lady who can turn gloomy days into bright sunshine, just by her endearing smile. As an Army Officer’s daughter myself, I can with much assurance guarantee you that being an Infantry Officer’s wife, can be quite a big deal, but if someone is looking out for a few smooth sail lessons here, you just have to know that Mrs. Rajpurohit can be the most approachable lady around.

A woman of less words but many deeds, Mrs. Rajpurohit was so very encouraging to work with. Being born and brought up in a strict Rajpurohit family, her style is a combination of classic grace and romantic glamour and that goes smoothly effortless. So, keeping her surroundings, husband’s defence background, age factor and bodytype in mind, your very own Quirkedtrotter, styled this enigmatic lady, for her favorite occasions compromising of the typical Army Ladies Meets, Afternoon Brunch, Dining In/Out Parties and an everyday tea party with bestfriend.

Scroll down to view this imagery of her life:

A day in her life is incomplete without a little tea and some catching up, I thought, why not style her in a comfortable wrap-around skirt and chiffon blouse.

The afternoon brunch would only be more enlightened with Mrs. Rajpurohit’s elegant appearance.

We have already planned a Goa vacation, mommy and daughter, cannot stop smiling:)

The Ladies Meet is getting a floral twist this time around, we have Mrs.Rajpurohit ready 😉

With this, I would like to wrap up the second part of “Be You” project, for when it comes to a woman of prejudice and sophistication, its best to keep it simple, isn’t it?

P.S: All the pictures of this project have been shoot by Kashish Bhatia under Kashish Bhatia Photography at Alankrita Resorts, Hyderabad and styled by your very own Quirkedtrotter.

So all you lovely people, keep Trotting.
Remain Quirky, Remain Unique, Remain Happy!


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