We are talking polka dots and Bobby today: Meet Mrs. Bobby Kohli, the “Be You” Project part: 3

The 70’s were a magical period, an amalgamation of new and unidentified definitions of love, ways of living and unique trademarks in fashion. Yes, it was a decade that established trend setting statements, going overboard in styling, with much experimentation happening outside the comfort zone of people, those days. They were Bollywood’s most remarkable and glittering years. Remember Bobby? A 1973 film, known for the wave of epicness it created within the subtle and silent sea of thoughts reserved amongst the conventional people of that very era.

Influenced and inspired by the radical movement of self expression, Bobby created in the 1970’s, is my final introduction under the “Be You” project series today, Mrs. Bobby Kohli. A classic package of boldness, determination and independence, she is definitely the best example of a strong female character I could have under this project. Wife of a successful businessman, mother of three grown up children, Mrs.Bobby today, is living a well settled life in Hyderabad, India. As simple as it may sound, this description does no justice to the powerhouse of energy this lady is made of.

Your Quirkedtrotter is a huge fan of the “Original”, so the best way to describe Mrs. Bobby Kohli would be that she is an Original indeed. Born and brought up in Hyderabad, she is proudly the very first one to start the trend of wearing Salwar Kameez in that city, when most of the girls were spotted in saris, that for a thought, is worth capturing, isn’t it?

The inbuilt Quirkiness that she exhibits, had made her the part of my “Stylish Housewives” project(explained better in last two posts under the ” Be You” project), where I styled her for some of her favorite activities, based on a detailed analysis of her style, choices and inspirations and what brings her under the “Be You” project series is precisely based on the firm opinions and principles that make her, who she is: A liberated Individual and Successful Homemaker.

Instead of writing detailed stories like everytime, I thought that for this particular post I would use a fun play of illustrations and pictures to explain Mrs.Bobby’s Kohli’s original style and how I helped her, modify it, keeping her basics intact. It all started with understanding her lifestyle, style do’s and don’ts and bodytype. So scroll down to view a pictorial representation of Mrs. Bobby Kohli’s style evolution:


college style

Personal Style


That you could say, is a crisp overview of her life, evolution and style. While discussing my project with her, she mentioned how “White” just doesn’t look good on her and how she wanted to try out denims but the hesitation within was only stopping her to do so. So keeping these small details in my mind, I styled this lady, who has inspired me since years altogether and well the outcome was a complete treat to everyone’s eyes.


“I don’t look good in white”: Could you believe that??


“Her shopping outfit now would surely make heads turn”

“The happiest mother-daughter in law relationship one can witness”

The hair were straightened, the parting was redefined, cheeks and lips were tinted in pink hues and Mrs.Bobby Kohli was revived in an new all style, defining the second phase of her life. What remained and still remains static is the jovial soul that keeps her, her family and all the people around her driven with an enthusiastic vibe of energy. A woman of this kind is not an everyday happening and remaining consistent in your doings and approach is not everyone’s cup of tea.

The Quirkedtrotter on this note, would raise a toast of happiness and spirit with a special dedication to the lovely women who have been a part of the “Be You” project series. Cheers on celebrating individualism.


Until next time, keep Trotting.
Remain Quirky, Remain Unique, Remain Happy!


2 thoughts on “We are talking polka dots and Bobby today: Meet Mrs. Bobby Kohli, the “Be You” Project part: 3

  1. Bobby Maami you do look wonderful!
    A job well executed! It’s great to know that every person is inherently a superstar by themselves only we need to tap that, and you have managed to do so with her.
    Kudos! Quirkedtrotter!

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