“She’s the Man”: Feminine Androgyny, when work pulls you down, a current state of mind.

To all the creative energies out there, a big hello from your Quirkedtrotter!

For those who would have noticed, I have been on quite a halt. Sometimes we need these halts to bring us back to who we are and where we belong to. A halt of such kind can compromise of home visits, long, very long walks or quiet sessions of solitude, where you end up laughing or crying to your ownself. Your Quirkedtrotter has been trotting pretty much, in literal and real sense. With everyday being a new day, so much has sunk in within this drifting soul, that penning it down in words just wouldn’t suffice. A major lead to today’s post can be attributed to the volatile cloud of thoughts existing in my alienated head, like a usual story. Styling has definitely been my first and last love and having been a part of many such shoots, has evolved my brainstorming nature, thinking process and ideology over the time. Every shoot that has been undertaken as a project by me, always has a story, as I believe that everything starts or ends with a story. The stories are generally a reflection of a current state of mind at that particular time.

Feminine adrogyny as a concept has been reinforced within my system, eversince I had my first encounter with the lovely Mademoiselle and her history changing revolution in the world of design and established conventions. Frankly speaking, even as an individual,  I have always related myself to an androgynous way of dressing, owing to its background idea of a sense of liberation, an unbiased approach, power, all amalgamated within a core whose heart beats of feminism. Apart from my love for androgynous dressing, this post truly describes my present state of mind. These days, while my heart is totally spaced out, existing in a parallel world, where all my lovable thoughts, very peacefully exist. A forced need to remain conventionally in work mode, keeps my mind in the not so fascinating present.The pictures below are a part of a styling shoot that has been styled by your Quirkedtrotter and very well define a collision of what my heart and mind are battling over these days and where I would rather be. The mind is stressed, juxtaposed within neverending and meaningless work, while the heart is resting in a free space, with no inhibitions. So scroll down to get a clear imagery of what really goes on in your Trotter’s head.. _MG_1652 A present state of mind, where work only feels meaningless. _MG_1566 Heart in a spaced out land. _MG_1538 _MG_1496 _MG_1535 _MG_1546 In this parallel world of her’s, She definitely is the Man. With her white and black and surreal thoughts, she rests here peacefully, truly believing that one day, this will become a part of her present world, with ingredients of Power, Freedom and Liberation. The best part about Styling or doing whatever you love is that your emotions can become a display of work, forming a relatable entity for many who are going through the same phase as you are. So keep up the good work fellow Trotters, remember, there is inspiration even in gloom and well dreaming is a gift, so make the most of it:) I would like to end this post with a lovely line from Madonna’s song Vogue: “All you need, is your own imagination, so use it, that’s what it is for” Until next time, keep Trotting. Remain Quirky, Remain Unique, Remain Happy! Credits: Styling: Anubhuti Verma as Quirkedtrotter Photography: Nitin Akolia for Sara Models Model: Salata Katya, Sara Models Project undertaken with Stylist Ramneek Gupta, Director- Sara Model Management.


4 thoughts on ““She’s the Man”: Feminine Androgyny, when work pulls you down, a current state of mind.

  1. A very rare read when I’m more moved by the text than the visuals! Needless the say, the shoot is also stellar. Loved every bit of it! Eagerly waiting for your next musing.

    1. Your comment has made me so so happy Priyanka. When you get appreciated by somebody whose presence itself inspires you, it’s an ultimate high feeling. Thanks for your appreciative and kind words. I am boosted to write my next post now 🙂

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