Stalking Style Tonight: An inspiration from Cappadocia

Hello Trotters, hope you all are having a brilliant October:)

It’s an all new season, a changing one. October has been my favorite month of the year ever since I started indulging in the concept of choosing favorites. My love for this month can be explained through various reasons that are quite close to my heart, maybe I will talk about that some other time.

Placing things in perspective and organizing your life is a great idea, even though am a great failure at that. But who said that am ever giving up, on things I love, things that excite my soul, well not until I find new and better ones to replace them.

I love ideas, concepts, strategies that give a definition, streamlined effect to our not so complete lives. This particular season, always reminds me of my intense attraction towards Power Dressing amalgamated with androgynous elements ofcourse.

A year back your Quirkedtrotter got associated with a brilliant design team, consisting of an impeccable Designer and an amazingly far sighted Photographer. Varsha, the Designer, was keenly driven by the architectural remains of Cappadocia( a historical region located in Central Australia) and was coincidentally working on a design collection, that’s when I met her, although my association with her had happened pretty much back in time. Those days me and the aforementioned Photographer, Aditya Akash, who happens to be one of my closest friends; spent literally night after night, conversing, brainstorming and building future blocks.

Thanks to this beautiful serendipity that emerged out of a coincidental collision of similar thoughts, the three of us United as a team and worked on this beautiful Design Collection called Cappadocia. The whole concept of this collection revolved around a sense of Autumn/Winter Power Dressing, the belief was to keep it warm, yet stylish.

Best part of this collection come out in its indigenous and aesthetic intermixture of interesting fabrics like jute, linen, wool, cotton, silk. Now that’s not an everyday happening right? The amount of effort that went under making these designs worthy of visual presence cannot be summoned under words but all I can remember now is that we had Good Fun.
Scroll down to view this immaculate design story:










Hope you all liked this Visual Display of Varsha’s Design story, styled by your’s only Quirkedtrotter and Photographed by Aditya Akash.

Before bidding a Goodbye tonight I would like to share a few Quirky memories with you all that are a part of Cappadocia:

1) It took me and Varsha, a change of three local trains to source out a pair of much Coveted John Lennon glasses from Colaba Causeway.

2)Varsha’s exquisite designs, won her a sponsorship of Bags and Shoes from Charles and Keith for this particular shoot and her show later.

3)The very passionate Photographer of ours, spent days and nights to finalize on the perfect location. A part of this shoot has been shot by yet another talented photographer HansRaj Varma and well one of the most memorable moments of this project happens to be a runaway story from a construction site in 4 inches heels with Hans and Varsha. A winning moment indeed πŸ˜€

4) It took Varsha and Aditya about 30 missed calls each time to wake me up at 5 a.m thanks to the concept of perfect lighting at an odd hour of that kind.

5)All in all, it was a fun experience that includes lots of hard days but an effort of this kind was truly worth it.

Hope you all are having a lovely time, keep up the spirits high people!

Until next time, keep Trotting.
Remain Quirky, Remain Unique, Remain Happy!


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