Transparent fluidity

Hello Trotters,

Today is a slick, crispy, almost wintery night and your Quirkedtrotter has been reminiscing a bit. Human nature being my most favorite subject, surprises me almost every minute, giving an all new insight each time. Being a true optimist who is often attacked my pessimistic winds, the concept of Silver Linings keeps me going and I totally credit the presence of immensely positive human existence for the very same.

During my last post, I was thinking alot about the onset of winter and my plans to sustain the frequent gloom, brought about as a parcel with this particular kind of weather. Since then, none of my plans really worked out, owing to a series of unfortunate events, that became a frequent occurrence during that phase. Now that am slowly getting out of it, a flash back of past days, which is a mixed bag of good, not so good and okaish affairs is rolling inside my head.

Cluttered within disappointment, an air of irritability had surrounded me around this time and frankly speaking, coping up just seemed like one of those useless options. You could call me a little fixated and old fashioned, but I get pretty taken aback by pretentious acts and hypocrisy and unluckily my surroundings only comprised of an air infused with those.

That’s when my stars started shining bright again and I was rekindled with a dose of peppermint like freshness accounting to the presence of some amazing souls who were hidden somewhere, here and there but were always around. Since I do not want to elaborate much on who these people are, an expression of gratitude is all I want to make here because thanks to them, the concept of transparency, purity and its fluidity, that was subconsciously present within me, came out.

A few years back, I worked under a talented Stylist named Ramneek Gupta, who is a pioneer of Advetorial Styling in India. Those days I was also living with one of the models from his agency and was given an opportunity to experiment and work on a styling story with her and Photographer Nitin Akolia. Even at that time I was aware of the fact that not everyday I would get to work with a team of this good a caliber and all I wanted was to create a story which depicted my approach and appreciation towards an inspiring nature of humanbeings.

Simplicity has always attracted and touched me the most, during the most unpredictable and bizzare life conditions, I have gone through. What could define the essence of Simplicity than a white, sheer, transparent fabric? I thought to myself and started brainstorming rightaway. The result of this mind mapping can be seen through the following pictures which represent a clear, original and fuss free attitude towards life…



I have nothing more than these two pictures to define my present mood based on abstract mediums of thoughts. I am most certainly working on a selfless, carefree and loving attitude towards life and its people. Its a difficult task but my inspiration is strong, coming from very simple but strong hearted people that I have come across lately.

They do no fear or even shed a tear, life is an everyday battle and they are ready to fight; but with a smile, full of hope, compassion and glory. They are the people, who inspire me to keep moving on each day and never give up. Most certainly glittery sequins in the Universe Of Faith.

Until next time, keep Trotting.
Remain Quirky, Remain Unique, Remain Happy!

Styling: Anubhuti Verma as Quirkedtrotter
Photography: Nitin Akolia for Sara Models
Model: Salata Katya, Sara Models
Project undertaken with Stylist Ramneek Gupta, Director- Sara Model Management.


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