Charminar: documenting lost nostalgia hidden within the ancient streets of a timeless wonder

Hello Trotters,

Well it’s the 31st of December and I hope everyone is having a lovely time, all around the globe. Yes, we have reached this very last day of 2013, not trying to make a big deal out of this one but it most definitely feels something. Time to close yet another chapter which sure enough involved plenty of struggles, achievements, milestones and dreams in each of our lives.

The idea of stepping into a new league gives me immense pleasure as this time I have new set of lessons based on which I can make future plans with *better* foolproof antennas this New Year. No, making resolutions is not a part of my Big plan but yes this entire year I have been truly Inspired, to put it across in the most precise gesture.
Travelling in that case has been a real eye opener even though it lasted only for a very short span. So, I would like to close my last post of the year, sharing a lovely story based out of the ancient glory of Hyderabad, India. It was last year when I had just finished my graduation and while I was still reminiscing over my creative journey in fashion school, making most of my time, back home in Hyderabad was the only agenda I was carrying.

That’s when me and my bestfriend Karishma Sehgal, started brainstorming. We didn’t know where we were heading but to ignite ourselves with an immense dose of innovative thrill, was all we were looking at. Me and Karishma know eachother since 14 years now and our families reside in Hyderabad. Boasting of being Southern India’s largest city, we have a great mix of old age charm, art, culture and sophistication which is mostly seen in the slightly laid back yet immensely talented population here. For a person living with a heart, constantly trotting, this city can be pretty exciting owing to its Mughal influence, interesting geography landscaping lakes, hills and beautiful historic sites and monuments. That’s not it, Globalisation has had its positive toll here and the city has an enormous spread of restaurants, hotels, pubs, bars and malls to offer to the high on life generation.

My journey of exploring this city started years back in much subconscious state but an actual documentation of the very famous Charminar, will be displayed here today which is a result of mine and Karishma’s spontaneous adventure. Since I have no intention to bore my trotters with the typical Wikipedia facts, scroll down to view some interesting pictures tagged with Quirky details from Charminar:

A display of shoes, bags and various everyday necessities encompassed within Mughal Era Buildings, for sale.

Mosque, religious destination for everyday prayers


download (2) - Copy
Your guest blogger and Quirkedtrooter’s best friend, all bright and lovely, Karishma Sehgal.

DSC01206 - Copy
Everyday quirk at easy availability

DSC01213 - Copy
The world known “Itr” (Perfumes and fragrances in natural flavors like rose, jasmine etc)

DSC01215 - Copy
Eclectic cups


Karishma channeling a quirky skirt and bag bought from a designer store in Hauzkhas Village, Delhi

Metal rings

Your classic Bollywood films, played in an old theatre here, everyday.

Daze and bling


An “Over the Top” take on the streets here








photo 3

That’s famous Charminar building, which led us to a world of color, bling, daze, beauty, quirk, eclectic cinema and lots of entertainment, amalgamated within vintage era.I must say that this was one hell of an adventurous day for us and we thoroughly enjoyed it. So when in Hyderabad, do visit this place and pack back some memories like we did.

With this your Quirkedtrotter would like to bid you all a Goodbye, with much love and wishes, a Very Happy New Year.

Until next time, keep Trotting.
Remain Quirky, Remain Unique, Remain Happy!


One thought on “Charminar: documenting lost nostalgia hidden within the ancient streets of a timeless wonder

  1. Very nice post here with lots of info, especially for someone like me who hasn’t been to this place!! Nice pictures as well and Karishma looks pretty.. 🙂
    Angad Achappa

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