Cosmic Connections

Cosmic, a word that has captured a significant space in my head. The dictionary meaning of this word is precisely as simple as this- ‘relating to the universe or cosmos, especially as distinct from the earth’. I am pretty obsessive, yes. I get obsessed with words, things, places, unrelatable topics, issues, thoughts and a series of neverending processes as such.

Right now, am having a moment in my life, where my feelings can be clearly defined through a mood which has been extracted from various hours spent with nature, flowers, vintage settings and daily interesting and quirky encounters. It is that phase, where my brain is literally in a research mode and this certain brainstorming is helping me identify with a deep rooted and hidden self which am most usually not very aware of.

That’s how I can define the relevance of today’s topic on cosmic connections. In Paulo Coelho’s book ‘Zahir’, he spoke of a certain set of people, who are never afraid as they believe that no matter what road they take, it will definitely lead them somewhere. This particular excerpt has kept me thinking, for a long while now. Maybe free spiritidness could be very simply defined on these grounds, yet to conclude on that.


InstagramCapture_a114afbc-9d4b-4b51-b2e8-a1ca86c561a6_jpg (1)









Not keeping this post too long, just want to share my present mood this time, which is very much inclined towards daily happenings and how keeping an eye for simple, yet intricate details can result in unexpected joy which has no background at all. After all, a thing of beauty is a joy forever!

These pictures portray a defining moment in my life right now, establishing a sort of incompleteness, but only of an interesting kind. Your Quirkedtrotter is trotting!

Until next time,

Remain Happy, Remain Unique and keep Trotting!


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