Summer Dreams

Hello Trotters!

Today I am going to talk about my Summer dreams, Imaginary scenarios and Grainy picturesque collages forming in my head, constantly being backed up by unexplained inspiration and events.

Summer is a drowsy, hazy phase for me, a season where I am not quite into a to go mode, but instead prefer sipping lemonades and gulping fruity ice creams, enjoying a laid back and relaxed lifestyle. As much as the “Real Society” detests it, I prefer to live in my parallel world and well my idea of this sphere is not merely laid on perfection, it is just a different sort of realm where I am more connected to what am living for and I feel that if I have the ability to exist in this sort of framework, though through imagination, then even this, must exist.

Writing has always been a medium of expression for me and pictures form a visual definition for the same. My life runs on various elements which include a stimulus generated out of extraordinary inventiveness, provoking your soul with surprise, excitement and vigor. Only when you give yourself some time to contemplate over very simple details which are hidden yet right in front of you all the time, will you be able to distinguish and witness the magic happening every second, all around you.

That’s how I get away from my loneliness, by truly absorbing in what the present moment has to offer, filling my voids with a great feeling of exhilaration and eagerness of what is going to come next. Anxiety has been known to kill the human heart, but when you take this anxiety otherwise and convert it into an animated representation of anticipation, your soul will feel deliriously enthusiastic.

I am trying to keep my human life alive, while I am at it. Even though our society has created a certain norm sheet dictating a weird lifestyle, when you showcase an indifference towards these strange rules, a much cleaner slate of thoughts shall develop in your head and you will stop depending on certainty.

Do what keeps you alive every moment. It can be spending time with your lover, eating your favorite dessert, discovering an interesting thrift buy or even spending your entire salary on something you love. Human life is based on desires and these desires keep us driven but still, never depend on a habit . Live as an individual, spread love and you will get all that love back, even more, live with morals, never hurt the poor, infact help as much you can.

Live so much that you can feel your heartbeat, make each breath count and that’s how you will truly feel your existence, full of vibrancy, spirit and energy, each moment, every moment. So indulge in vivacious practices, they can differ for every individual, but its never too late to discover what you heartily feel for because when you develop that space, there is no looking back, no room for sulking, feeling lonely or anxiety. That’s the space where your dreams exist and imagination is everything.

Your are never alone. This is what I am feeling at the moment, my Summer Dreams are giving me soulful, comforting directions!

That’s my summer mood. In a dip dyed dress, designed by my Designer Friend, Aditi Bhalerao( Indian Designer)

Until next time,

Remain Happy, Unique, Trotting and Dreaming!


4 thoughts on “Summer Dreams

  1. Anubhuti u write so well..I’m impressed!!!!.keep trotting..dreaming n reaching new scales of success….u know as it is said in buddhism that keep doing good deeds n u will reap rich dividends .which are sometimes in the form of inconspicuous benefits…so keep going n trying…my lovely gal!!!!

    1. Dear Jsmeet aunty, its a privilege to be able to impress your first English teacher with your writing. Your good teaching, lessons, faith and support have brought me here and yes I will remember and continue good work. Thank you so very much!!!:)

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