Detour 2014- Varanasi

To all my lovely fellow Trotters, Namaste!:)

‘My soul honours your soul. I honour the place in you where the entire Universe resides, I honour the light, love, truth, beauty and peace within you, because it is also within me. In sharing these things, we are united, we are the same, we are one. A traditional form of greeting in India and an ancient Sanskrit blessing, that’s how a single, yet powerful word like ‘Namaste’ can be defined.

We are living in a multifaceted world. With its many faces, come various stories. This summer I visited a story, which will remain a part of my being, till I exist and even more. For the past few years, I have been trotting but only around the usual city life business. The Pubs, Cafe’s, Ice cream parlors, Book Stores, Malls, are all very fascinating and I still pretty much love them, but a few months back, after reaching a peculiar kind of saturation, the solution for which was unfound; I happened to visit my parents in Varanasi, popularly known, all over the world as Benaras and Kashi.

A city known for its spiritual, religious and cultural origin. Being one of the oldest cities in India, an heir of history resides here, with a permanency quite indefinite. I landed here with an open mind, as I had never visited this city before. As I sat in my cab and while we proceeded towards my temporary home, old roads, local vendors and an unexpected show of talent, very warmly welcomed me here.

Life here is slow but steady, resident inhabitants being surprisingly content and satisfied, with their way of life. They say that death at Benaras, brings salvation to the soul, In my case, I will have to rephrase and admit that just one trip to this city, brought me salvation of such a kind that would mark a new beginning, specially in terms of generating an all new ideology and perspective.

Wikipedia as well as numerous links over the internet are flooding with neverending information about this city. Through this post, I just want to share my image of Banaras, as I see it, through a picture story.

Part 1- Assi Ghats Varanasi (6 am in the morning, the best ride in The Ganges)















Part 2- Sarnath ( Buddha first taught Dharma here)


Moments (With my lovely Dad and a boatman I will always remember)




These pictures express everything I felt, while I was on my detour, do take out some time to have a good look. They depict Simplicity, Faith and Peace. Also, do visit Varanasi:)

Until next time,
Remain Quirky, Remain Unique, Remain Happy!


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