September, Fall and New Beginnings

Hello Trotters,

I have a brief story to share today. A feeling which many times when experienced during childhood, has today transformed me from a heavy hearted hurt child to an individual, who has learnt not to bother.

I am talking about the very strange and offensive act of pulling people down, talking and remembering of them, in a ridiculous manner and plotting against them with unpleasant feelings, I call it bitching in the most simple language. We have all been a major part of this act in Chronic and Acute ways, consciously or subconsciously. The reason for this act can simply be explained by that false feeling of momentary power that we achieve while being a part of it.

The overall effect of this behavior is only a circle of negativity, which with time becomes so influential towards our day to day life that one starts deriving pleasure out of it. But, what’s the outcome? A hurt heart, insecure feelings and lack of confidence, within the sufferers. Yes, it can be super fun to indulge in victimization but we should never forget that end of the day, its only going to reflect back at us.

Having said that, I took a resolution this evening and have made a promise to myself. Its a pact that from now onward, I will only focus towards the Positive, Inspiring and Good. I aspire to be a person who shall remain least affected by any odd behavior and give the best of what I have to this World. I don’t mean that I will change the world, but yes through my blog, I would love to send out Happy Stickers!

Happy Stickers is a small and basic initiative which aims at using simple words to bring a smile on someone’s face.
The very first sticker that I am sharing today simply derives its inspiration from the beautiful virtues hidden in our simple and basic life. Key is to remain happy without a reason and celebrate life with the best utilization of whatever is available.


I am also sharing a small mood board I did today, to define my Blog Ideology and its focus points. Getting back to basics and loving life. After all it’s September, inauguration of Fall and hence a beginning to new resolutions:)


Until next time,
Lets remain Positive, happy and relax
Have a happy fall my lovely trotters!:)


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