Everyday Quirk!

Hello Trotters,

I know I have been absent for the longest time. Shifting jobs, finding a new place and daily errands have kept me unusually busy all this while.

To start with, I would like to admit that am really enjoying my new job as a Fashion Stylist with Myntra.Com in Bangalore, India. We have been recently shifted to an all new office, which is beyond fab. I will be sharing pictures of our Office Interiors soon.

For the past one year, my blogging timing has been pretty erratic and I for once and for all, would like to take this resolution of posting regularly and stick to it. There is so much I want to share, so much I want to write about. Working with creative people, I have immense amount of inspiration flowing day in and day out.

Having said that, I would like to launch my New Segment on the blog today. I have decided to name it Everyday Quirk. Through this segment, I will be documenting interesting people dressed in effortlessly stylish outfits and would also love to showcase fascinating and captivating sights which create beautiful visual stories in my head. Hope you all like my new adventure:)

For the very first post of this segment, I have documented our Fashion Team Editor’s style. She is a lovely person and really inspires me each day with her cool, comfortable, unique, fuss free and Effortlessly Quirky Style.

Sujata Chakrabarti- Fashion Team Editor(Myntra.Com)
Sujata Chakrabarti- Fashion Team Editor(Myntra.Com)

I hope you all participate with me in my new adventure!

Until next time,

Keep dreaming, remain inspired and channelize an Effortless Everyday Quirk

Yours Truly



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