That Weekend!

Hello Trotters!

As promised, I have been a little more active than I used to be through my blog. Something from within is constantly motivating me, it’s true, when you feel good, you attract everything good.

Last week I launched my new segment on the blog called ‘Everyday Quirk’. Documenting people everyday for Everyday Quirk is absolute fun and yes it has turned out to be quite a joyful experience. Last week on Friday, me and my Stylist friend ended up in office, wearing the classic white and blue combination, each of us, in our own way.

I thought, why not document it. Frankly, my blog is the only place, which makes me think freely. There is no right or wrong here and I would like it to be the same. I am also, not trying to prove a point, a simple portrayal of interesting people from day to day basis is my aim for this segment.

I shall also be re designing and customizing my blog very soon. Till then, have a look at these pictures we clicked the other day, after having an accidental white and blue encounter:)

PicMonkey Collage InstagramCapture_baaba6ab-d4be-4850-ba33-9dbfbd6b9a6f_jpg


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