Dogs make great models

Hello my fellow Trotters!!

A very very Happy New year. Yes, I do wish for the best this particular year, it’s the beginning and am certainly full of aspirations. Great health, fab work and lots of fun, that could sum up for my resolution list this year, ofcourse there is a lot more to it.

I will be working on a lot of personal projects this year as decided and will be timely sharing images here. So please pause and wait, can’t wait to share my exciting new journey with you all:)

For now, I would like to post a picture which was taken just about two months back, when I collaborated with one of my old college buddies, Vanshaj Kapur, a very talented Film Maker.

We signed up for this project to showcase an amazing collection designed by a very talented Bangalore based Artist named Aarohi Singh. Her label is called Artbyaarohi and after working for years together on intense and extensive art forms, this is her endeavor to build a relationship between her Art and Design aesthetics, an amalgamation of which forms the background story for her collections showcasing bags, pouches, wallets and well even Dog and Cat leashes!

There is alot that can be written about Aarohi but as am finding it difficult to script her talents here, why don’t you guys go and check out her blog and collections here-

Keeping this post short, I would just like to share one of the images from our project:

Models- Natasha Singh and Fibo.

Photographer- Vanshaj Kapur

Bag by- Artbyaarohi

Styling- Yours Truly;)

Until text time,

Keep trotting, inspiring and spreading love!:)


2 thoughts on “Dogs make great models

    1. Hi Akshata,

      Thankyou for such a beautiful comment, really made my day. I am glad you could make time to read my posts, it feels like such a happy, big and great deal to me!!:)
      Dogs are adorable and the best company after all:)
      I just started following you, I love the pictures, your concept is clean and crisp and I love that:)
      Keep up the good work and keep in touch:)

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