Focus your energies, take a deep breath and have a Ball!

Hello my Beautiful Trotters!!!

It was exactly two years back when sitting in my room, I finally decided to start a Blog. I was about thirteen when I first caught hold of a Fashion Magazine, that one being Marie Clare, India. The first ever article I  read was about Designer Rajesh Pratap Singh, who has, till date been my biggest inspiration ( That’s how exactly I escalated towards my journey in Fashion which eventually brought me to my blog Quirkedtrotter.

This blog has been a wonderful place for me. My entire idea and story line behind this comfort corner of my life has purely been based out of creating, writing and exploring that space, which is usually present only in my mind and subconsciously in day to day scenarios.

Yes, I purely and deeply love Fashion. It has always been a way of life for me, more deep rooted than it’s usual superficial definitions. It’s a happy place to be in after all. Through my blog, I have met wonderful people, received their support and encouragement to go ahead with something I could only believe in and not necessarily execute. I am so delighted to announce that today is officially my 2 year blog anniversary. Though I have not posted, as much as I could, on a personal level am extremely exhilarated to have this wonderful personal arena with me, where I can truly be myself.

I have truly been myself here and never tried to really form an image to be liked and look at my luck, I actually have found people who appreciate me for the same, couldn’t have felt more grateful.

When I was in Design school, I was extremely starry eyed towards all the big Fashion Publications and Portals of that sort, but now I know that it’s not always necessary to be a victim of a certain dictation, that commands you to be a certain way, so that you can get bonus points, hits and likes and glory that is only short lived.

Blogging is a beautiful world in itself. Here we are in midst of a circle, where individuals have their own say, they command their own lives and also, teach the world to remain individualistic. That was my initial aim through this blog and nothing has changed that in these two years. I am in search of individuals, interesting happenings, unique encounters and like I always call it, the Special Quirk, which is anywhere and everywhere, but mostly hidden behind the cosmetic surgery of the World we live in.

On that note, I would like to disclose that am presently working on a lot of interesting posts to be put up here. I am a Fashion Stylist by profession and Writer by hobby. My blog is a way for me to make these two ends meet. Very soon, this place will be converted into a website and will be having a more defined form. I will be following the Column approach, where every week thrice I will be posting about three different categories. A constant one being the Fashion Shoots section, where I will be putting my collaboration work. The other two will be more focused towards Positive Routines and Life Hacks. A lot of work is being put to make all this work and hopefully with the onset of April this year, I should be ready with an all new look!

With that, I would like to conclude. It has been an extremely delightful journey and am so very thankful to my closed ones and my viewers who have encouraged me and kept me going!! A big big Virtual hug and lots of love and Positive energy to all you lovely and Quirky Trotters!!

Until next time,

Remain Quirky, Positive and keep spreading  the Love!!

Yours Truly:)


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