Time and Spaces

Hello my Beautiful Trotters,

Hope you are all having a wonderful and inspiring time. I have been extremely busy as usual and so bogged down with never ending tabs open in my head that I can hardly concentrate on anything these days. I always return back to this space, to feel lighter and less overwhelmed, as typing out my feelings, helps me release all the daily stress that can otherwise be too much to handle .

Even though Life is beautiful as always, sometimes certain situations can really saturate you to a point when you cannot take it anymore. During such times, going back to basics and actually enjoying little moments everyday can be really helpful. After today’s extremely exhausting routine, I planned to take a mini tour of all my favorite stores in the city, while I was walking up and down, from one store to the other, I caught sight of a really adorable Dog, having a sound sleep. It was one of the most natural sights but made a great impact on me.

I realized that even though there is a lot happening all around and there is immense pressure each day comes with, our thoughts should not stop us from viewing these gorgeous happenings, life has to offer. Learning to be mindful and in the moment, as I truly want to value my living. Sharing images of my ultimate favorite moments captured by my Bestfriend, last year. I very clearly remember being extremely peaceful that time and would love to apply to be that way each day and give some quality time to myself.


I also pledge to withdraw from fake friendships, conversations related to other people’s image and false glory. Guess this will do me some real good.

To my readers, I would like to convey that its okay to feel burned out. During such phases, lower down your own expectations related to yourself or other people or things. Listen to some soul music, take a walk, watch an inspiring video and call that friend you haven’t been in touch with. GET BACK TO BASICS and have some time to stand and stare as anyway The Answer Is Blowing In The Wind.

Keep loving and Spreading the Love

Yours Truly



2 thoughts on “Time and Spaces

  1. I guess this is one of your shortest article on your blog, but its the best so far in my opinion- it is so because you delved into your personal self-time memories to write this. It’s sweet to read such stuff because it relates to everyone literally. Do continue writing! much love to you Anubhuti. :*

    1. Tulsi, I can’t believe am reading your post so late. I am extremely glad and filled with a sweet feeling reading your words. Thanks for taking out time to read and with this inspiration and appreciation I shall continue writing:) I prefer to have people, deep and lovely like you, reading my blog :* Lots of love and positive energy to you 🙂

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