“There are places I remember, all my life”

Hello my Beautiful Trotters,
I hope we are all hail and hearty. You know, we are often stuck in the inevitable ups and downs of life and the emotions they bring along. These emotions emerge from deepest of your routes and somehow define your life and give you a direction.
Though people, places and things keep changing, memories don’t. Being a nostalgic person by heart, I absolutely cherish beautiful memories and the time enclosed within them because what that time holds can never change.
Whenever lost and lacking some sense of affection, I always remember my Dad’s stories. As a child I sat behind his scooter each day and waited to get my can of Frooty. He tells me, that brought absolute joy in my eyes. This is one of those stories that keeps me going, even though this memory belongs to my Dad, more than it does to me.
This fast paced lifestyle does take the better off us but since we have no other option but to match this pace, counting on your blessings and setting self affirmations is so very important. Recently when I met some of my closest friends, I was so appauled by knowing how well they know me. Knowing me so deeply, my friend, Smriti, reminded me that I shouldn’t keep things to myself. Being in a relatively new city, am surrounded by relatively newer friends. Constantly holding up and absorbing everything coming my way, has now become a pattern.
Maybe, that’s not the best idea after all. Being practical and realist is important but I have realized that you shouldn’t waver from who you really are. If you are a dreamer, be one. If your soul needs magic then don’t shy away from it. My Japanese Anime has taught me, the Universe only exists, if we believe it does. So if believing in stars, sun, moon, waves and breeze is your calling then don’t let pollution or congesting traffic change that.Surround yourself with souls who help you grow, the way you are and not otherwise because killing your soul is not a good suggestion.
Today’s post is specially dedicated to my small summer vacation I had this year. I particularly remember this time because it helped me unfold and open my heart after a very long time.
Visualize four close friends, sitting under a beautiful moonlight sky, counting stars and the days that have passed by. Some relationships are built through time while most of them develop through connections. As most of our soulmate stories, recite, souls who are close to each other, remain together through life and death and many many rebirths, we are never separated. I truly believe that through our course of life, we meet ample amount of people, sometimes we get lost in a crowd but in that very crowd our soulmates come to our rescue.
You could say that when I was lost and completely messed up in the crowd of my thoughts, I met these beautiful friends. They helped me unfold and re ignite the sparkle that was slightly fading owing to the so called monotony of repititive chores and goals. We spoke for hours and hours, without feeling the passage of time. We giggled and dissolved in the glory of nature, at a beautiful resort, situated few kilometres from the city of Hyderabad.
This particular phase absolutely refreshed me, I loved the feeling of being loved for who I am, my true identity. It’s human nature and every now and then, acts of appreciation and genuine love, feed us and our spirit. So cheers to Karishma, Neeha, Salma and Anisha for the wonderful time we had. Those quiet nights and eventful days connected us forever and have definitely become a part of my favorite memories.
Life can get pretty tough and harsh to deal with, so amidst your busy schedule, take out sometime and connect with those who are important, those who bring the best in you and light your spark.
Cheers to Frienship and Good Times!
Keep Trotting, beautiful people:)
Yours truly, until next time…

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