Let there be Magic- In collaboration with Baublelove.

Hello my Beautiful Trotters,

Here’s wishing everyone a beautiful fall. Hope you all are having great days with work and study and cozy night afters. I am absolutely loving this season,  even though the dark weather gets on to me every now then, there is no denying that the warmth this time brings to surface is  soul sweetening.

I have abstract thoughts in my mind all the time, the kind of thoughts I like and maybe someday I would be able to pen them down.

This year, I have completed three solid years as a Fashion Stylist and I must add, it has been the most wonderful journey so far. Extremely grateful to my fortune, as I have been part of some really unique, inspiring, challenging and tasteful projects. When it comes to work, my nature is pretty obsessive, I share a compulsive attachment with everything I do, it’s almost deeply emotional.

Though such feelings can result into a great product, many a times when things don’t work the way you wish to, a sort of misery encapsulates you. Relatable, isn’t it?  Most of us can relate to it as we spend our precious hours in building what we are living for.

When I look back at how I started, I think of all those days and hours spent in working tremendously hard. But you know what I remember the most? All the lovely people, who are now colleague turned close friends. They are the most important part of this journey. With them, the sorrows often turned into encouragement, smiles and critical advice that has brought me where I am today.

Through all these words, I only wish to communicate one simple formula- ‘ Have fun, while you are at it’. It’s an absolute myth that your colleagues can never be your friends, I would completely disagree because the best working atmosphere is where everybody is thrilled, enthusiastic and encouraging towards each other. Ultimately, this is what makes a company, a community or an idea grow.

I am very thankful to have worked at great start ups where I met the most intelligent, warm and inspiring people who are well wishers till date and our feelings towards each other are absolutely mutual.

In a very similar manner, I met two amazing girls who will be featured in today’s post. Saumya and Tasneem. At work, we are a strong group of friends who support each other, every day and are joyfully part of each other’s happiness and success. Hopefully, I will be able to feature each one of them eventually.

So for now, let’s go through these pictures that were taken in collaboration with Akanksha’s glittering start up, Baublelove. As I have mentioned before, Akanksha has been an absolute and genuine force to be with. She has been the first person I have ever collaborated with, as we share similar ideologies.

As much as I love writing, I shall stop now and get the pictures rolling; but before that, I would like to add a special mention for the deep eye behind these gorgeous pictures, please welcome Kadambari Kira Issar. What a girl, I could write an essay on you Kira! Full of unlimited energy and vigor, this girl is the kind of person you should know and have in your life. Her passion could be an inspiration for many and for the work, well just look through these pictures.

IMG_2382IMG_2374 IMG_2387IMG_2395IMG_2340 IMG_2405IMG_2350


Tasneem– “Compulsively obsessed with placement of objects and cleanliness of Kitchens.

A black coffee without sugar and no nonsense kind of a girl whose hair cannot ever be out of place, not even an inch of it”

Saumya– ” Could live in a world of Minions with cozy knit sweaters,

delicious desserts and Sci Fi movies in the loop”

Pictures by:

Kadambari Kira Issar– “She loves shutters, all of them, mostly white”

Clothes and accessories courtesy:

Baublelove– “For all the glitter you need and more”

Enjoy this beautiful season with beautiful thoughts, deep books and lots of tea!

Until next time

Keep Trotting and collecting Stories 🙂


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